16th January 2021
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19th January 2021

Welcome to our new-look website!

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If you haven't visited us for a while, or you're completely new to writersandartists.co.uk, here's a quick overview of some of the features you can expect to find across the site. And for those of you looking to re-activate a W&A account created on the previous platform, scroll to the bottom of this post for instructions about how to  do so.

Features to look out for:

W&A Dashboard

Dashboard: Access all areas of the W&A platform from one page. Never miss messages or new articles added to the site, manage your preferences, share work, make writing connections, take part in discussions, check in on editing services, watch your Reward Points tally grow and keep an eye out for exclusive discount codes.

My notes

Margin notes and bookmarks: How many of you have scribbled notes in the margins of your print copy of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook or folded over the corner of a page you’d like to return to? Sign in to make the site your own.

Bookmark pages: Found an article you’d like to come back to? Interested in an event? By clicking on the Bookmark icon, all of the pages you want to return to will be stored in your dashboard.

Reward points

Reward points & discount codes: Sign in to your W&A account and collect reward points for purchases and community engagement. Surpassing monthly points targets means you'll receive exclusive discount codes, too!

Creative interests tags

Easy-to-find writing advice that works for YOU: Writing advice articles across the site remain free to read but you'll notice they come with an additional feature. Clickable creative interest and writing stage tags have been added across the site, meaning you'll easily be able to find articles you might like to read or perhaps find a piece or two you might otherwise have missed!

My Groups

Join or create groups: Signing in to your account still means you'll still be able to connect with other writers across the site, but we've added a new feature, too. The ability to create groups means you can set up a private space to converse with more than just one writer and is a great way to get more feedback, advice and book recommendations!

Re-activating my account:

If you created a W&A account on the previous version of the site, here's all the information you need to reactivate it.

First, all functionality from the previous site has been carried across. Data from the previous site has been transferred too, including discussion threads and shared works. Editing services underway at the point of the new platform going live should not have been disturbed, and all Listings subscriptions should be able to access the database. If you have bought a ticket to a W&A event then we have your details and you will receive all correspondence and joining information as normal.

Reset password

To begin the process of reactivating your account, please click here [LINK] to visit the ‘Reset your password’ page. (Apologies for the slightly long-winded nature of the activation process, but all the steps are necessary to ensure that your account details remain secure.)

  • Enter the email address registered to your previous W&A account, then press Submit.
  • Check your inbox and follow the activation link within the email. Please note: each activation link expires after 24 hours, and is single-use only.
  • When you follow the link you'll be asked to set up a new password, and you will then be able to log in to your account on this version of the site

These steps are required to link your email address and old site account to this new and improved site. From this point, please note that logging in now requires you to enter a username and password. Please do not try to use your email address as your site username.

If you have problems accessing the activation link within the 24-hour period that it remains valid, please repeat the steps above. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at writersandartists@bloombsury.com and we'll come back to you as quickly as we can.

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Please note that your email address cannot be used as your site username. An email address needs to be registered to your account so that any necessary site communications can be reach you by email, but a separate username and password are required to create/reactivate an account.

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