How it works

1. How do I choose an agent? Select the genre you are writing in from the dropdown list. If there are agents that specialise in that genre they will be listed for you to select. If no exact match is found then you will see a general list of agents working in either fiction or non-fiction. To see an agent's profile, click on their image.

2. Should I book the 'Agony Agent – Mail' or 'Agony Agent – Call' service? If you have a simple question or need something clarifying then the 'Agony Agent – Mail' service is a great, low-cost option to get the answer you need direct from a literary agent within the working week (taking into account UK holiday periods and literary festivals). If, however, you wish to have a broader discussion about something to do with the writing or publishing process, the ‘Agony Agent – Call’ service enables you to speak to an agent for 15 minutes. Please note that a time slot for an ‘Agony Agent – Call’ service cannot be suggested by the customer unless it is at least two working days after the service has been purchased.

3. I've submitted a question by Mail. When and how will I receive my answer? You will receive an answer within 5 working days (taking into account UK holiday periods and literary festivals). The agent will contact you via the 'Services in Progress' section of your W&A dashboard, and you will receive a notification when the service has been completed.

4. What is Skype? Skype is a program which allows you to call anyone, anywhere for free from your device. It can be downloaded from or as an app, for use on most desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. To use Skype on a desktop or laptop you will need speakers and may need a pair of headphones. Once you have downloaded Skype, you will need to sign-up for an account and choose a Skype ID.

5. How will the agent contact me through Skype? The agent will add the Skype ID you provided to their Skype address book. At the time arranged for the call please make sure you are online and logged in to your Skype account with your status set as 'Available'.

6. Can the 'Agony Agent – Call' service take place over the phone? Absolutely. Skype is not always the best option for the literary agent you have booked to speak to, so please include your mobile/landline number when adding your service details.

7. When will the agent call me? When booking, you will be asked to choose a date and a two-hour time slot. After booking, the agent may contact you to pin down a more specific time.

8. What if I need to change the time of my call? Please contact the agent via the My Editing Services section of your W&A dashboard to rearrange your call. If you have problems rearranging your call, please contact W&A Admin via the in-site messaging system.

9. What if my agent doesn't call during the time slot we agreed? This is very unlikely to happen, but if it does, first you should message the agent via the My Editing Services section of your dashboard. If you are still having problems making contact then please message W&A Admin.

10. What if my application is rejected? This is also very unlikely to happen. If it does, W&A Admin will contact you with an alternative solution and suggestions for how to proceed.