We’ve curated a glossary of terms related to all things writing and publishing related. From commonly-used terms to abbreviations, our glossary will guide writers and people starting out in publishing, to cut through the jargon and gain a better understanding. 

Money paid by a publisher to an author before the book is published. The author usually does not receive any further royalties until the amount of the advance payment has been reached by sales of the book.
Advance Information sheet
A sales and marketing document which contains information about the content and format of the book, as well as key selling points, intended audience, promotions and reviews that is circulated to sales reps, potential retailers and customers.
Amazon (Kindle)
Includes a range of e-book readers and Kindle Fire tablet devices that allow readers to browse and download e-books from Amazon through wireless connectivity.
An auction, usually arranged by a literary agent, takes place when multiple publishing houses are interested in acquiring a manuscript and bid against one another to secure the domestic or territorial rights.
B format
A medium sized paperback (129mm x 198mm), smaller than a trade paperback.