by S Ali
28th January 2021

Her laugh echoes in my ears, drowning the voices in my head. She plays with my memories, rolling them as if they were marbles. She dictates my mind, she’s there when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Darkness reminds me of her black tropical smelling hair, that she would mindlessly twirl around her index finger. Her cat-like eyes that would rarely meet mine, she was strong but I know she was afraid. She was afraid to show her vulnerability but I knew why she hid. Her eyes had a language of their own, the emotions she so desperately concealed shined bright in her glistening tears.

Her eyes contained so much life yet so much pain. She was mystery, excitement, darkness, danger and light. She was a blessing, her love was an ancient love, the type that contained sacrifice and immersion, a love that consumed her, a love that if it wasn’t stopped would consume everything around her. She was afraid to love, she loved hard with a damaged heart, her strength was simply admirable. I wish I could love her the way she deserved, I wish I could have stopped her when she left.



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