by S Ali
28th January 2021

I just can’t seem to comprehend what others observe, it is as though I am confined. Limited by my own finite mind, I am unable to understand the reasoning behind actions and words. The strange behaviour of former companions and the unusual behaviour of current companions leaves me to believe there is no real division. All beings in life are nothing but moments, some longer than others. Although it is these moments that truly break us, behind these limited moments are feelings, happiness, communication and emotional attachments. We are so consumed by our emotions that we disregard past moments, it’s almost as if we are trying to forget. It is these moments that form our memories which make us who we are and how we will be remembered. As humans it is a universal understanding that others are moments for us just as we are moments for them. The question that arises is if we are nothing but moments or reassurance for others and ourselves then why is it that some moments can never be forgotten, no matter how significant the current moment is. Thoughts of this moment are imprinted into our minds, it must be more than infatuation yet no matter how pure it is, it isn’t fair. As it is this single moment we want to desperately forget.